Информација о такмичењу Physics Cup-2018

Током 2018. биће организовано међународно такмичење Physics Cup-2018. Више о том такмичењу можете прочитати у поруци организатора тог такмичења која се налази у наставку овог текста.

Dear colleagues,

Best wishes for the Holidays!

Since students are also mostly free during the holidays, I decided to announce the beginning of the Physics Cup-2018. The first problem will be published already next Sunday, 31st December, 2 pm GMT (sorry for the late announcement!)

The rules will be the same as for Physics Cup-IPhO2012 (see http://www.ipho2012.ee/physicscup/) except that
(a) there will be only 5 problems;
(b) a new problems will be published on the last Sunday of each month, 2 p.m. (GMT) at https://www.ioc.ee/~kalda/ipho/PhysicsCup2018/, and sent to the registered participants by e-mail;
(c) the registration e-mail is physcs.cup@gmail.com (NB! there is no „i“ in the name);
(d) the results will be announced during the 2nd EuPhO.

Few things to notice:
(a) this competition has no relation to any other competition, except that some problems which have been judged to be too difficult for the EuPhO and other physics competitions may find their way into this competition;
(b) there is no guarantee for awards other than diploma (hopefully there will be some awards);
(c) students can participate regardless in which country they study;
(d) university and college students can take part as unofficial participants, and their results will be included into the ranking list with the corresponding notice.

Best regards,
Jaan Kalda

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